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About us

Our story

Pick & Build presents an innovative, patented product and a new brand in Lumil d.o.o, which came to life in 2018. The family-owned company with a rich history of technological and economic achievements has a long tradition in planning and construction. We strive to lay the foundations of new, modern solutions for living in the embrace of nature and reduce the negative impact. 

The company has been operating since the beginning of 1993. The portfolio of our projects, products, and satisfied customers proves the professionalism and exceptional knowledge of the team, desire and willingness to develop new, not yet known, with quality implementation at all stages of development or project.

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Our pledge to you

Nature is our inspiration and at the same time our commitment. We invite you to create your own story with our innovative product. We believe in the abilities of each individual and the benefits that a DIY project can bring. Focus on yourself, on your desires, be honest and do your best to achieve your goal - it’s a unique story that expresses you.


We are committed to contribute to the stories of our users and to be a reflection of their experience. Stories that emphasize the essence and spread out desires and expectations, but at the same time contribute to the preservation and protection of our planet. At a time when people are striving to succeed in various areas of life, it is important to understand what we call positive motivation. Assembling or building your own building is certainly one of the positive motivations for anyone who is part of such a story.

The Vision

Through the philosophy of living and the purpose of spaces and buildings, we want to present a new way of building and connect people back to the community. 

We believe that living with nature is the most incredible luxury that humanity can truly desire in the future.


To offer a technologically advanced self-building system up to the stage, which enables individual completion of the facility according to their wishes, needs, and ideas. The assembly KIT  has the characteristics of a low-energy building and is statically safe. For the user, we want to keep the ability to customize and edit the look without worrying about the safety of the roof overhead.

And what will you build withPick & Build?